Dog Training
Dog Training
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!

Service Dogs


California Dog University started our service dog program in 2011. We have trained  rescue dogs into service dogs and placed each dog with a veteran that was injured in service.  

We have trained diabetic alert dogs that continue to save the lives of their handlers.

Service dog training requires extensive training hours for the dog, and extends to intense training for the handler to maintain the training.

Not every person that needs a service dog can pass service dog training because the training, cost, and commitment is reviewed for each handler. Each handler must complete the required course to be placed with the service dog.

Annual check ups are mandatory to maintain the proper behavior expected of our service dogs in public and to uphold our training standards.


Our certified trainers work with the service dogs 24 hours a day until the mandatory hours are met, and the dogs public behavior exceeds our expectations.


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