Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!

Dog Training- Online!

An economical way to get the information you need; information and tips in our blog will help you immediately. Need more instruction? Call now to schedule a one hour lesson, guaranteed to make a difference and put you on the path to having a calm dog. (on Special for only $79. Regularly  $139)  

 A 3 lesson package is a deal for only $215  

A 14 day intense boot camp training, with after graduation lessons in your home as a bonus is an amazing way to create a calm and well behaved dog quickly.  Call for rates.  

Want the secrets to learning how to speak DOG right now...spend one hour with us, and you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve your dog's behavior..

Training your dog is not rocket science! Dog training does not take a lot of time, and if you train your dog yourself, it should not equal a mortgage payment. However, it does require a small amount of effort to learn the  language your dog is speaking to you.....DOG LANGUAGE! Your dog, although accepted as part of your family, is actually not human. Dogs love being part of the family, enjoy learning our language, and are definitely a cherished part of each family. However, if you were traveling to Paris, you would be sure to learn a few necessary words before you embark on your trip; bathroom, water, beer, and you would learn their money system. 

Compare training your dog  as a trip to a new nation with their own language.  You would not insist to ask for a bathroom in Paris when your time for an answer is essential. Learn the basics of speaking DOG, and your time together will be a pleasant adventure.. Of course, our dogs are capable of learning hundreds of words and phrases in English, some are even capable of reading and riding a skateboard! But rather than teaching the Parisian the English word for bathroom, learn to say their word first to avoid a rough time, then teach our language when we are patient and not in an urgency.



Learn the Secrets to Walking Your Dog.

Sign up for online Leash Walking Training. Instantly log on to begin your training in your own home, now. Videos and instruction that walk YOU through each step of learning how to walk your DOG!  


When you learn to acheive the calm walk with your dog, better behavior will trickle down to many areas of dogs' behavior.


The key in a balanced relationship with your dog is in the walk!


 Dog training can be relaxing for you and your dog. It is not impossible, and it is worth learning the proper techniques. When your dog walks calmly, you will walk more often, and when you walk more often, everyone is more happy. Nobody understands that better than California Dog University. 


Whether your  dog is a pedigree or the neighborhood stray that you fell in love with, Nick Chaisson and California Dog University offer a full-line of training options; quick text tips, webinar training, one hour in-home lessons, and boot camp board and train.


Finding the right trainer with the most effective training method will help you to succeed with your dog to provide a calm dog and a happy family.

Create a Calm Dog with the Golden Rules

I designed the Golden Dog Rules when someone asked me on a plane...."If you could give me one quick tip before you go...."


There are many Golden Rules but the most important rule I pass on is; 

#1  Anytime you talk, touch, or even look at your dog, you are reinforcing not only what your dog is doing, but what he is thinking.

 Consider every time you pet your dog that you are paying him $20.  Your petting is a paycheck to your dog. If you are pettting your dog to calm him down, you are paying towards reactive dog behavior.


Learn more tips through our blog, lessons, and webinar training

Products & Accessories that I suggest

I use a simple 4' slip lead that I buy online at There is a great variety of colors and thats really all the leash you need. It's about $8


I always suggest a kennel. I like the hefty duty crate that is a 5 gauge wire if you have a dog that tends to fuss, but our ultimate goal is for a dog to be completely calm while in any kennel, even a mesh kennel that is convenient for traveling!


Cost Co still has the best dog beds for the price. I put a water proof twin mattress cover (wal-mart $7) over the bedding, then replace the cover. (just incase someone has an accident) 


I like stainless dinner bowls from the .99 cent store. I find them in the people section.


Tip: Items bought in the dog section are more expensive than the baby section.

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