Dog Training
Dog Training
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!

One Hour In Home Dog Training Special for $79 (regularly $139)  A Priceless Experience For You and Your Dog!


My main philosophy at California Dog University is to provide the best possible training and care for your dog in a professional and caring way.  Our curriculum is designed for the maximum training in the most balanced and nurturing form. We instruct you and your dog in the methods that will help you to create a calm dog in your home. 


As your coach, we will keep you on track. We never want to repeat the same lesson twice. That would be a waste of your money, and doesn't solve anything for anyone. We want you to succeed with your dog, whether we train your dog then teach you how to reinforce our training, or if we personally teach you how to perform the training.  Our goal with you, and your a partnership working to create a balanced dog and a happy home.




Special care is taken to ensure you understand how your dog ticks and how to make time fly while training your dog. Training should not be a specific 15 minutes in your life, but rather a lifestyle of creating a respectful relationship with your dog. The word dog training should be transformed into co-existing with your dog or the dog training lifestyle!  If we only worked on our health for 15 minutes a day....what would be our level of success? We can't go to the gym all day, but we can stand stronger, walk faster, tuck and tighten throughout every movement of our day to improve our posture, our metabolism, and ourselves. We coach you in this theory when working with you and your dog in our dog training/ lifestyle training program.


Join a walking course, a webinar, enroll in boot camp, or simply read the blog....anything to help encourage your success with your dog.

In Home Lessons help you and your dog where you need it most.

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