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Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!
Intense Results in our 2 week Boot Camp Training!

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Dog Boot Camp

Master the Walk

The key to dog training is in the WALK. Learn to walk your dog properly and good behavior will trickle down into all areas of your dogs' actions.

Career Education

Ever thought of a career in dog training? California Dog University has mentored beginning and advanced dog trainers to be the most effective trainers in the industry.  Our instuction in a career course will prepare you for a new business that you will love. Hands on training, ongoing support, and business mentoring will ensure your success in your new career.

To fully enjoy life, your work should be enjoyable!


As Your Coach...

We dedicate ourselves to becoming your partner in training your dog. Our advanced education for your family extends two weeks beyond your dogs' graduation. Our support and guidance is available to CDU graduates to ensure you maintain your dog's training.  

Your success is important to us. We stand proud in our exceptional training of your dog, and stand by you to support and maintain your dog's training.

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Potty Training Question: Q: Over the past 3 months, Rigby is pooping in the house. Sometimes it's when I leave him alone & other times it's when I'm here. Last week I brought out his crate again so I wouldn't come home to it but yesterday I brought the gate out so he's not so confined. I don't know what the right thing to do is. Last week my housekeeper went in my office to clean & he had peed on the side of the dog bed I keep in there all over my wood floor. Since I don't go in that room every day, I have no idea when I did it. I've always had to keep a gate up on the stairs because if he goes up there, he always poops in one of the bedrooms on the carpet. He never poops on the wood floor or tile floor, always on my area rugs or carpet upstairs. Any advice would be gratefully received. ANSWER: Unfortunately dogs do choose to pee on the nice carpet, as opposed to the linoleum floors, and during times of potty problems, area rugs tend to be a target for trouble. Whether a puppy or a grown dog, potty training or re-training is always the same. A dog needs to respect their own space first, before they will respect yours. You are on the right track of bringing the kennel and the gate back out. Confine Rigby's space so you can see if he dis-respects his own space also, or just your space. Test the amount of area he can be trusted in, and expand the area when he is successful. For now, I would close off the rooms you are not using. To re-initiate those rooms into his life, you will need to spend time in those rooms, with Rigby, to let him know it is not his personal latrine. Don't worry too much about how the system went sour, but just begin correcting it. He may have had an "accident" one day, and when it went undetected, it now became a "convenience", and then a habit. You just need to change the "habit". Remember, they say for a human, it takes 21 days, or 100 tries to break a habit. It is not instant, so stay focused on the goal, and keep directing your dog to the right potty place. I have found in our 2 week dog boot camp, we could correct any naughty behavior, but the new good behavior must continue to be reinforced so that no one falls off the wagon, or in this case wee wee does not go to the wayside! Here is a link to a potty training blog I wrote with step by step directions.

Eliminate Frustration and Chaos....Add in Peace and Balance.

As professional people and responsible parents, we know that raising a respectable dog is not an impossible feat....yet, it keeps us up all night, and terrorizes our day as we struggle with nipping, chewing, jumping, biting, and pulling on the leash.


There is a solution! California Dog University offers classes in leash walking, potty training, and leadership building that will eliminate biting, jumping, and destruction.


With using the proper dog trainer, and the effective dog training methods, you and your dog can be on the path to calm leadership and success. 


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Leaving your dog with a trainer is never an easy decision. You will miss them, but rest assured, they will  be having a great time while they learn! They will think they are at summer camp for dogs, no matter what time of year it is.  Nick Chaisson and California Dog University's highly trained team make your dog’s comfort and safety their top priority. Proper training is an essential part of your pet’s health and well-being. 

A dog trainer teaches more than just sit and stay. Learning to create a calm dog takes a special dog training method based on patience and balance.
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